Difference between Prepaid Or Postpaid SIM: Which Is Better | Full in-depth information

Are you confused actually what’s difference between Prepaid or Postpaid?

Don’t worry

Today in this article I’m going to explaining in-depth information on the prepaid and postpaid difference, So read this article carefully.

So, Let’s dive in!

Friends, there are more than 100 Crores mobile users in India today and most of them use prepaid SIMcard.

Yet many people are confused about what prepaid and postpaid are.

And often people want to know what is the difference between a prepaid SIM and a postpaid SIM.

So because of this, today in this article I’m going to tell you all the things related to prepaid and postpaid connection.

And together I will tell you by comparing the basic monthly postpaid and prepaid plans of Jio and Airtel.

At least how much you have to spend every month if you take a prepaid or postpaid SIM

After knowing all those points, you will be clear whether it is better for you to get a prepaid or postpaid SIM.

So first let’s know about what a prepaid and postpaid is.

What Is Prepaid And Postpaid SIM

So as the name suggests, prepaid connection means that in this SIM, you have to recharge from any plan first.

Example: You have to pay money first, then you are able to take advantage of call, SMS or internet service.

On the other hand in a postpaid connection, you choose a plan according to your needs and pay the bill after the end of the month according to your usage of the month.

I hope you have understood what a prepaid and postpaid SIM is.

So let’s know what is the difference between prepaid or postpaid SIM.

Difference between Prepaid Or Postpaid SIM

There is no difference between in the technicalities of both the SIMs and both SIMs are the same in view. Like: Size is equal to both SIMcard.

And in both, you can take advantage of all types of service such as calling, SMS service or Internet service.

Even in internet speed, both types of connection give the same Internet speed, no matter which SIMcard you are using.

After knowing about the similarity of prepaid and a postpaid connection.

Let’s focus on the main topic which is the difference between prepaid and postpaid SIM.

The first difference between a prepaid and a postpaid SIM

The biggest difference between a prepaid and a postpaid is:

The amount you pay to use both types of SIMcard, and other things.

If seen, postpaid connection plans are more expensive than prepaid connection.

Whatever plan you use for prepaid mobile, that plan is told by including GST.

For example:  If you recharge 299, then GST is included in it, you do not have to pay GST separately.

Whereas in the postpaid plan, you have to pay GST on whatever plan you are told.

Example: If you have taken a plan of 499, then you have to pay 499 plus 18% GST, which is about ₹ 590 in total.

The second difference between prepaid or postpaid SIM

In a prepaid SIM, you get data according to every day, like in most plans you get 1GB or 2GB of data every day.

Example: if you do not use 1GB or 2GB of data within the whole day, then it is useless and you cannot use it again the next day.

While in a postpaid SIM you get monthly data, which you can use at any time throughout the month, there is no every day capping.

Airtel Postpaid Connection

With Airtel postpaid connection you get a very good feature, here you have the facility of data rollover.

Example: If you are offered 50 GB of data every month by the company and you use only 20 GB of data for that month then it will be available for you to use the following month.

While there is no facility of data rollover for prepaid users.

The third difference between prepaid or postpaid SIM

You get a prepaid SIM for free, while for a postpaid SIM you have to pay a security deposit according to your monthly plan.

The fourth difference between a prepaid and a postpaid SIM

In many sensitive city zones like Jammu and Kashmir of India and some parts of Assam, if you go from another state, your SIM will work only if it is a postpaid SIM.

Prepaid SIM of another state does not work while roaming in these sensitive states.

Fifth difference between a prepaid or postpaid SIM

A good feature in prepaid mobiles is that you can recharge as much as you like, you can even recharge for at least ₹ 10.

Whereas in postpaid the basic plan starts from 300 to ₹ 400 per month.

If we compare the monthly basic prepaid and postpaid plans of Jio and Airtel, then in Airtel you have to recharge ₹ 298 for a plan with 2GB data every day.

In this, you get unlimited calling and Hundred SMS. Everyday

On the other hand, if you use Airtel postpaid, then you have to take a plan of at least ₹ 499.

In which you get 75 GB of data for a month, unlimited call facility and insurance of your mobile device.

So here you can see that postpaid plan is more expensive than prepaid and with this 499 plan, you have to pay GST also.

So here you can understand that about ₹ 200 you have to pay more every month in postpaid, but here you get the facility, that you can use the data that you have received 75 GB data, any time of the month.

It is not that you have to use ONLY 2GB or 3GB every day along with this, Airtel also provides the facility of data rollover, if you have not used some data this month, then you can use it next month.

Jio Postpaid Connection

On the other hand, if you talk about Jio, then here you have to recharge at least ₹ 249 for 2GB data every day, but in this ₹ 249, you will have Limited non-jio voice calls.

If you calling more on non-Jio numbers, then you have to recharge separately.

The only basic plan in the postpaid of the same Jio is 199 Rupees in which you get unlimited voice calls and 25 GB GB monthly data, this 25 GB data you can use any time of the month, there is no daily capping.

Jio has limited postpaid plans, and in Jio Postpaid you do not get data rollover facility.

The conclusion which is better prepaid or postpaid

So by looking at these points, you can get an idea of why most people use prepaid mobiles.

Today more than 97% of people in India use prepaid SIMs and people who are using postpaid SIMs mostly work in a company and the company has given the SIM with which that person works.

If you look at it as an individual, then using a prepaid connection is much cheaper and convenient.

But if you are running a business, and you have a lot of uses, then you can take a postpaid SIM and some of the advantages that it has you can take advantage of that.

Why the company gives postpaid SIM to its employees

A major reason behind the use of postpaid SIMs by most of the company is that:

When they give a postpaid SIM to one of their employees is able to take care of the worker work and other things.

Example: The employ talked or did not talk to clients for company work.

How many people he talked to and how much he talked.

All this information is easily available for postpaid SIM users, while it is not easy to get details of call details etc. in prepaid.

Final words

So this is our in-depth information on the difference between prepaid or postpaid SIM. I hope you get to know what is the difference between prepaid and postpaid.

If you liked this informative article, please share it with your friends or if you have any suggestions or questions about this article, you can comment.

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