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Hey guys, Today I’m going to share IMOD Pro latest version Apk for Realme and Oppo phones.   In this post, I will also explain how to use IMOD Pro Apk on Realme and Oppo devices. So that you can use all the features of this apk.   But first, let’s know what IMOD Pro Apk is.  

What is IMOD Pro Apk?

IMOD Pro is an App that specially designed for Oppo and Realme phones. If you do not have a Realme or Oppo phone, then you cannot use all its features.  

Use of IMOD Pro Apk

IMOD Pro apk used for customizing your Realme and Oppo Phones.   You can use this app to create and modify any custom theme for your Realme and Oppo phones. You can change the Lockscreen wallpaper of any custom themes.  

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  By using this app you can replace the Icon Pack, Setting app, notification panel, file manager, dialer app, message app, Lockscreen or any other file with other custom themes.   This app helps you to create your own favourite theme.   You can also fix 5- minute Trial error in any custom theme using this app.   If you want to permanently apply any paid theme from the Theme Store app, you can do it using this app.   Like, Paid Themes, you can also permanently apply paid font using this app.   And many other features are available in IMOD pro apk that helps you to port or modify any Realme Themes.   Apk Details

  • Name: iMOD Pro
  • Version: 1.3.1.asc
  • Apk Size: 3.54Mb
  • Developed By: Technobankai™2020
  • Required Android: 3.0 or above

Are you thinking about how to use this app?   Don’t worry!   Now I’m going to explain how to use it.   So Let’s dive in!.  

How to use IMOD Pro Apk on Realme/Oppo Phones?

IMOD Pro Apk is a user-friendly app with very easy to use interface. You can create or modify any Realme Themes with just a few clicks.   But there are some features that you cannot use without proper knowledge of theme editing.   Now first download and install this Apk from the link below.


Then open it and you will see the interface like the above image.   Now go to the theme that you want to modify then press and hold it and a popup box will come up, then simply click on decompress option.


After that click on the menu button located on the top left corner of your phone screen.


Then you’ll see a list of options like the above image.   Are you confused by seeing these options?   Don’t worry!   Now I’m going to give you a brief detail of these options.   So let’s know it.  

Project Themes

In the Project Themes option, you will see all your decompressed themes in full detail.  

Decompress Modules

Decompress Modules is the most important feature of this app that helps you to modify or replace the theme file with other custom themes.   To do this, simply go to the Decompress Modules section, you will see all your decompressed themes, then click on the theme you want to modify.   After clicking on the theme, you will see all the theme data, if you want to change any of its theme data.   Example: if I want to change settings app icons, I will go to com.android.settings folder, then I will click on res folder after that click on the drawable-xxhdpi folder. Now I can see all settings app icons, simply I will replace it with other custom themes.   After changing the theme data you will need to rebuild this theme. To do this, click the Play button on the top right corner of your phone screen.   After that you will see your latest modified theme at the top of the list, just click on it and finally click on the Rebuild button.   Now your theme is ready.  

My final Themes

In ‘My final Themes’ section: you will see your all recreated themes.  

Theme information

In the Theme information section: you will see information about the theme. Like:

  • Theme name
  • Theme developer
  • Theme modified date
  • And Much More Things

You can also change the theme information.  

Launcher Editor

Launcher Editor helps you to change the icon of system apps.   Like:

  • Setting app
  • File manager
  • Phone dialer
  • Message app
  • Music
  • And many more

Lockscreen or widget

This option helps you to change the lockscreen style, wallpaper and clock widget.  

Statusbar Icons

Its name suggests what it does. This helps you to change the status bar icons of any custom theme.  

Theme Wallpaper

This option helps you to change the wallpaper of any custom Realme Themes.  

My Theme store

In the Theme section: Here you can see the official theme downloaded from the Theme Store app.  

My Patchlist

My patchlist is the second most important feature of this app. This option helps you to permanently apply any custom Realme Themes without any 5 minutes trial error.  

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And there are many other features available in this app that will help you to create or modify any custom theme for Realme and Oppo Phones.  


I hope this guide will help you to use iMOD Pro apk in Realme and Oppo phones.   If you have any issue regarding this app then please comment below this article, I will respond your query as soon as possible.   For more in-depth guides and Themes related to Realme and Oppo Phones, feel free to join our Telegram Channel or you can also subscribe our YouTube Channel Androtechy.

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